Monday, November 15, 2010

Francis & Annette Canuto’s Melon Shake

1) Put in a blender: 4 cups cubed melon, 1 cup fresh milk, 1/2 cup condensed milk. Shake. Pour in 8 tall glasses that has 2 tablespoons each of sago and half-filled with crushed iced. Top with a scoop of vanilla or ice cream of your choice.
2) Note: other fruits like mango, among others are also ideal for above recipe.

Delfin & Steven Viola’s Watermelon Shake
1) Put in a blender: 8 cups cut up watermelon with 1 cup granulated sugar (white sugar). Blend.
2) Pour unto 8 tall glasses with filled crushed ice. Top each with a spoonful of cooked sago

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