Monday, November 15, 2010


By: Gene Gonzalez

Tibok-tibok is a Kapampangan pudding traditionally made with carabao’s milk. According to Gonzalez, carabao’s milk imparts a slightly salty flavor to the mixture, which might not be achieved if using regular milk.

Makes one 9-inch square pan  Prep Time 5 minutes  Cooking Time 30 to 40 minutes

6 cups carabao's milk
50 grams glutinous rice powder
150 grams cornstarch
1 cup sugar
2 limes (dayap)
oil or butter

1 In a wok, mix 6 cups carabao’s milk, 50 grams glutinous rice powder, 150 grams cornstarch, and 1 cup sugar. Cook at low heat, stirring mixture constantly.
2 Add grated rind of 2 limes (dayap) and stir continuously with a wooden spatula until smooth and thick. Carefully dip finger or the handle of a wooden spoon into the mixture.
3 When it no longer sticks to the finger or spoon, remove mixture from heat.
4 Grease a 9-by-9-inch square pan with oil or butter then top with a greased banana leaf.
5 Pour mixture in and spread evenly. Let mixture cool then top with latik. Slice into squares.

YUMMY TIP: To make latik, heat coconut milk in a wok. Stir constantly for about 15 to 20 minutes until oil accumulates at the bottom of the pan and brown solids (latik) form on top. Strain excess oil.

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